Someday I Will

About Sandy

Sandy Aileen is an artist and a writer who is young at heart and has lots of inspiring energy. She is driven by a passion to create, learn, and express her spirit through her art and writing. Retirement from the executive staff at Girl Scouts has not slowed her down. She is a world traveler and life adventurer who also makes time for volunteer work at Anderson Japanese Gardens.

Someday I Will

SOMEDAY I WILL...How many times have you said it?  This common phrase that children to adults say all the time.  This book is about inspiring you to step up and do some of your someday dreams.  You have everything to gain when you accomplish one of your SOMEDAY I WILL dreams.  Happiness, Freedom, Confidence, Fun, Accomplishment.  You can become an inspiration to others! When was the last time you thought or said someday I will do this or get that done?  It could be something you have held inside your dreams your entire life-a dream that you forgot about from a long time ago.  What thoughts are coming to you as you think back into the past?  These special dreams don’t go away, they may get pushed back, buried deep inside you.  Someday it will re-surface again, calling you to do it.  These are special dreams that you really want.  It’s not what your friends, parents or spouse wants to do.  It’s your special dream.
It is waiting for the day when you will say YES, this is the day I will start doing it!

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As an artist, Sandy Aileen uses natural and recycled materials, driftwood and beach rock to create jewelry and other pieces for her contemporary folk art business.
Her one-of-a-kind spoonfish wind chimes are sold in shops throughout the United States and online.

Expect not only the life you planned, but also the unexpected. ~Sandy Aileen